Dark is one of the latest Netflix’ series tha has drawn much attention. It is a German production actually, so the cast and the language is German as well. The whole story, takes place in the same German village, but in different times. To tell you the truth, I was really looking forward to watch this series, since its plot was very intriguing.

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Everything starts with the disappearance of a young boy near the (very) mysterious caves that exist in the midst of a (very) creepy forest. Mikkel’s disappearance sets the course of action and suddenly there is a fusion of characters, time and eras. The mysterious aura created though is so complicated that it is very hard to keep up with everything going on. There is a great number of characters and in almost every episode new ones are introduced. The atmosphere is mysterious and there always is the feeling of uncertainty, it is one of the series that constantly creates new questions and you just know that it will be impossible to have them all answered.

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It is not that I didn’t like the series, I really enjoyed watching it, but to tell you the truth I was not on the edge of my seat. I mean the first season has ten episodes and  I watched them in one week, whereas for Stranger Things it only took me a weekend. The biggest issue for me was that it seemed as if I was watching something I had already seen. The series reminded me of Stranger ThingsLes RevenantsBack to the Future but it was a less interesting melange. It was too dark, too dramatic and way too complicated.

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I really liked the cast, there were some excellent choices when it comes to the actors, as well as the colours, the music and the direction. The story was also good, but as I said, it became too complicated without actually making sense at some points. I really want if not all, most questions raised in a series to be answered by te end of it. Well, Dark did not achieve that, but there will be a second season, so maybe things will get clearer. But a year is way too much to remember everything that has already happened. I don’t know I think I am divided.

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Anyway, I gave it 6/10 on IMDB. If you are a fun of mysteries and you haven’t watched it yet, then it could be a challenge for you. I only hope that at least certain questions  will be answered in the second season. But before that, fasten your seatbelts because Black Mirror is coming back and I just can’t wait.


Series: Black Mirror



Black Mirror is a Netflix series that I recently discovered and watched to the point where I got completely addicted to it. For those who have not seen it, I strongly recommend it, for those who have I hope you share my point of view.


So this series was something completely different and original for me. First of all I have to make clear that I usually find series without continuous plot boring, in order to actually become addicted to  series I have to feel  intrigued, but here we have the exception to my rule. Every episode of Black Mirror is a different story, set in the not-so-far future with completely different characters. The cast changes in every episode as well as the technology presented. It is essentially a series pinning the bad influence technology and new inventions can cause our lives if (and is a big IF) we are not careful.

What needs to be clear is that the series doesn’t portray technology as something necessarily wr

Reference to the third episode of the first season. Source:Pinterest

ong but it mostly, to my opinion, aims on showing how brainwashed/swallowed by technology people can be (or already are). If you look around you, everyone is staring into a screen and new developments in the field of technology come every day. It is a way of living and no one can deny that but still there are dangers and a lot of them actually.

I have realized that, upon taking a literature class concerning science fiction, the fear of the machine becoming more human and the human becoming more of a machine is real. Things writers used to imagine a few decades ago are our realities today and situations portrayed in the series can possibly be our reality tomorrow. The point might be to scare, I know for a fact that after almost every episode I would sit and think about how I would have reacted. It is a series working as food for thought on our overexposure to the digital world.

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Stills from various episodes.

There are only three seasons and the first one only has three episodes so I strongly recommend it and I promise you that after watching this you will probably get addicted to similar series and start thinking about how close the “distant” future is and what will our role be.