“La La Land”

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Damien Chazelle’s La La Land is one of the most discussed movies since it came out with people talking about it almost everywhere. As part of my Oscars’ challenge I had to go watch it myself even though I have to admit that I am not generally a fan of musicals. This is actually what kept me away from watching it earlier as I thought it would just be a typical Hollywood-musical film, a genre that never really appealed to me, with a few exceptions of course.



I am happy to say that La La Land was beyond my expectations in a good way obviously. It was not the best movie of all times, nor can I consider it one of my favorite movies but still it had some magic in it and this magic stayed with me even after leaving the cinema. Upon reading what the movie is about, I don’t think that the plot is grabbing someone’s attention as it seems like one more love story. Well, it is a love story but the way it is presented, through difficulties that go along with following your dreams and succeeding, made me think about it in a different way.


When it comes to the actors, both Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone were amazing at their roles. Especially Stone, seemed as if she was not playing at all. She was very good at what she did and it felt as if the character matched her real-life one. Ryan Gosling was good too but to my opinion most of his roles look-alike so I was not extremely impressed by his acting but  I was by his voice. He is a really good singer and he even has a band and he can actually play the piano. I was extremely impressed by his singing abilities, Stone’s too but I was expecting her to be good at singing.


The movie is essentially about the dreams someone has concerning him/her becoming famous or at least making people know him/her for doing what s/he likes. Love plays a apart in that, as a partner can be a motivator or a burden. When it comes to following your heart or your dream what do you do? Well, I guess you have to watch it for yourselves. The end is unexpected and it is a noble effort to show that this story could be real (or not it still seems too much of a fairytale).


Out of all the Oscar Nominations the movie has received, the thing that is for sure is that it deserves the ones concerning directing, as it constantly plays with colours and bright lights, which means it also deserves the cinematography nomination as well. I also think it is pretty obvious that sound mixing, sound editing and music also will be won by La La Land. I definitely recommend watching it, especially in a cinema, but be ready for a jazz night out after the movie ends (I know I was).


Disney’s “Moana”

Yesterday the Oscar nominations were announced and as a result, my Oscar’s challenge started. This is something I do every year, I try to watch every film that is nominated for Best Picture and then I move on to the rest of the categories. As this blog is about both book and movie reviews, I decided to “share” my challenge with you. One other thing is, that I love watching Disney movies and I usually get obsessed with them. I have been wanting to see Moana for some time but as it is also nominated for Best Animated Feature Film, I decided that it is the perfect start for this year’s challenge.

source: IMDb

When I think about this film, the words that come immediately in mind are; colours, songs, warmth. This film really made me feel warm inside even if winter is all around me. Disney managed to create a non-conventional female character for one more time and definitely succeeded in doing so. Moana has independence and dynamism. There is no love story in this film and before asking yourselves if this is good or not, let me just say that she doesn’t need a love story.

“Sometimes the world seems against you…”

Moana is a character who tries to discover one of the most important aspects in the life of a person; who s/he is. She revolts when it comes to her parents but she does it because she feels the need to do so, because she needs to go on an adventure alone. An adventure that represents the passage from childhood to maturity.

“That come what may, I know the way…”

I believe it is essential for children to discover new unconventional characters and escape the princess who needs saving prototype. Girls can save themselves, their families and their people as other movies have also shown. Apart from that, everyone in whatever age, should really look inside themselves and think of who they are and what their values are, as what our families or society have in mind concerning what one should do with their life may not be what they actually want to do.

“But this does not define you…”

Last but not least, the songs included are amazing. I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack since yesterday that I watched the movie. The songs (one of them is actually also nominated for Best Original Song), are written in order to make you feel better, get up and dance, smile and escape to the warmth of an island. I definitely recommend it, for all ages and especially for rainy or days that everything seems wrong.