Little Dose of Poetry:May Theilgaard Watts’ “Vision”

Barber,Laura,ed.Penguin’s Poems For Love,p.20. London:Penguin,2010.Print.Penguin Classics.

While I was having breakfast today (actually it was just coffee and bread with jam) I thought about having read a poem which made me feel exactly as I did at that moment. It might seem weird but I think poetry lives inside us in the small everyday experiences.As a result I begun thinking which poem was that,that while reading it made me imagine eating strawberry marmalade and feeling happy,just enjoying a sunny morning within the glorious mess my kitchen is in.It was not hard to find that the poem I was thinking about is May Theilgaard Watts’ Vision and after reading it again I was able to see once more everything that the poem refers to,happening all around me and feel as if..

“My love kissed my eyes last night.”

May Theilgaard Watts

Enjoy your day 🙂

To-day there have been lovely things I never saw before; Sunlight through a jar of marmalade…


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