Literature: Kate Morton’s “The Lake House”


Kate Morton,The Lake House

First of all I must state that I am a huge admirer of Kate Morton’s work and I have read all of her novels without being able to pin down which one is my favourite. As a result when I heard that she will write a new book entitled The Lake House I could not wait to see what new story/mystery she had created.The result did not disappoint me at all,as she made it for one more time and she managed to write a story that keeps you literally at the edge of your seat-page-.I finished the book within a few days and I actually did not want to read it for fear it would end too soon.

“To cry,here and now,was an indulgence she refused to grant herself” Abstract from The lake House p.2

To the readers familiar with Kate Morton’s writing style I believe that her transition between present and past is expected.She manages to make these transitions in order to confuse the reader but without tiring him.The focus is constantly changing and even though at first it may seem impossible to remember all the characters, as the novel progresses the clearer it becomes for the reader to distinguish them.What I like particularly about Morton’s books is that she gives away evidence and makes the reader think to find the solution to a mystery that progresses with each page he/she turns.

“People do all sorts of things they shouldn’t for love”

Kate Morton,The Lake House,p.304

In comparison to her previous books,this one was actually a mystery that was solved by a detective so the process of solving the mystery reminded more these followed by the characters of Agatha Cristie.The pattern of a detective novel writer was also used and at points it was a little bit tiring when cases the writer had written or the detective had (?) solved mixed up with the mystery in progress.For me that was the only point of the novel that I did not particularly liked but still was not enough to keep me away from enjoying the book and definitely recommending it.

“But of course there is always a risk when the heart allows a breach, no matter how small or harmless it might seem” Abstract from The Lake House, p.423

I have added a few photos of quotes I really liked in the book but of course there are more of them.In general while reading the book there are a lot of references to memory,family,past,love in every form that it can exist…..

Enjoy your reading 🙂

“Sometimes to love from afar was the most one could hope for.And it was better, surely,than never to have loved at all.”

Kate Morton,The Lake House, p.541



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